Please do not shortchange yourself or your child by not getting them to class at the proper time. Please allow adequate time to have your student dressed for class before class starts.

Absence & Make-up Lessons
  All paid absences may be made up. However, all must be made up within two months of the class missed. Always call the studio when the student is going to be absent in order to schedule a make-up time, which will be at the teacher’s convenience. In case of heavy snow, please call the dancing school to see if classes are being held.

LYNNETTE'S SCHOOL OF DANCE  /  517 TALCOTT, PARK RIDGE IL 60068 US  /  PHONE: 847-823-7334/ lynnettedance@outlook.com

 2023-2024 SCHEDULE

Schedule is for August 21, 2023-June 14 2024

Please be sure to work with one of the studio directors to find the best place to get started.


   School of Dance